How To Add Some Inches To Your Vertical in Basketball

Posted by Johntathan Villanueva on January 10, 2019

The influence of higher vertical does not apply only to basketball. A higher and stronger vertical will help you so much to remain outstanding in a number of different sports. The sports include, but not limited to, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics. A higher vertical will as well improve your athleticism and your flexibility in general.

However, an increase in your leap, and an addition of a couple more inches to it requires that you’d be dedicated and focused during your trainings. And If you are still wondering how to get a higher vertical, then read the entire article and learn a number of things that you must do to get your desired result.

Always record your progress during the training programs:

The most ignored, but the first thing that you must do in order to attain a higher vertical is to keep a track of your progress. Yes, do not ignore this no matter how small. By this I mean that you should measure the vertical leap that you currently have.

To do this appropriately, you ought to stand very close to a tall wall or a tall pole and then raise your hand as far as it is possible. Then ask a friend to make a mark at the point where your hand reaches. Then, with your hand still raised, jump, and still tell that your friend to mark the second points where your fingernails reached on the wall.

As you start to improve, keep measuring your verticals at intervals. Tracking your progress greatly helps you in gaining the confidence while you train and also pushes you to do more.

Start jump rope:

Strengthen the muscles that aid in vertical leap by starting jump roping. The best approach to this is to jump on a quite hard surface that has great amount of space above your head to enable the rope flex properly. It will be more beneficial if you are fit to take least twenty minutes to do this jump rope within one day.

Keep the major facts in mind:

Ensure that you avoid skipping rope in such a way that you perform the jump with only one of your foot in a running-in place type of motion. Instead, you should keep your ankles together when you jump in other that both of your feet rise equally at the same time.

Secondly, as you start to make an improvement, begin to jump faster. Although, you may want to start by moving the rope slowly and take small hops in between the jumps in order to maintain the balance. But, start moving the rope at a much faster rate or pace when you are ready and then try to get rid of that balance hop as well.

If in any case you are unable to do the jump rope, then you can alternatively run up and down the stair case. This is a very comparable workout and it also hits most of the same muscles that jump rope hits.

Build calf muscles with exercises such as squats:

Finally, You need to engage in a couple more exercises that will greatly aid you build the calf muscle. Yes, in order to get a higher vertical faster, you have to also build up your calf muscles which contribute greatly in helping you to jump higher by exerting more force on the legs.