How To Become An Incredible Football Dribbler

Posted by Johntathan Villanueva on March 13, 2019

Prior to learning the intricate tricks, spins, step oversand moves, one thing is common with all skilled and good soccer players: they have the leather game always glued to their foot.

A question to ask first is why is it that some players rarely lose the ball, while others always lose the ball, absolute mediocrity? An uncomplicated secret to this however is, the closer the ball is to your foot at all times, the less likely it is you will lose it.

In better comprehension, the closer the ball is to your foot during dribbling with players around you in a small space, the more control you wield over it and the choices you make.

Making a striking run to the net with no one around you as a player in the open field, the tips above will not apply to you. This is owing to the fact that any player running without the ball is way faster than any player running with it. Hence, pushing the ball many feet ahead of you at a go and dashing after it, affords you the advantage of gaining more ground faster.

This has proven to be a big problem confronted by players. When players begin picking up speed, the ball gets further and further away from their foot because they are trying to cover more ground. When a player is around you or in the vicinity, a ball pushed too far away from you will result in the defender winning the ball from you in a tackle.

Examine yourself now and ascertain if you are currently doing them.

When you are taking afull stride, strive to dribble with the ball still really close to your foot. To achieve this, you need to ensure you touch the ball soft enough every time you touch to keep it within range. Thisis mostly achieved with the use of your insteps or outside of your foot. Take short and incessant steps, as many as possible while running rather than powerful and long steps which take the ball away from close range to you. Try to ensure a synchronisedtouching of the ball and your running stride.

The essence of touching the ball incessantly with short strides is that defenders lie in wait to tackle the ball away from you at any given opportunity when it’s away from your foot. This then justifies the stand that the more often and quickly you touch theball, the more difficult or impossible it is for defenders to take it away from you. To note also is the need to move the ball slightly left and slightly right to keep defenders on their heels so that when the defenders do pounce, you will be able to move the ball away.

Knowing fully well that the best way to learn is by practising, you then need to pick up a ball, and practice this tips. Go slow and steady with the ball till you get the hang of it. Ensure the ball stays feet and touches as frequent as possible.Thiswill, however, look tough at first, but with practice, you will get it right.

Doing this, you will realise that the more oven you touch the ball, the more players are caught off guard and deleted. Thiswill then open up more spaces to make better moves and even display skills because the ball is attached to you at closerange.