Raiders, Vying for Playoff Spot and More, Demolished by the Jets - NFL Week 12

Posted by Johntathan Villanueva on November 24, 2019

The Oakland Raiders, flying high after winning three straight, including a divisional clash two Thursday Nights ago against the Chargers, were full of confidence heading to northern New Jersey when they took on the New York Jets this sunday. And that confidence translated into good results early in the ballgame. Oakland’s opening drive took them into Jets territory before Daniel Carlson knocked home a 48 yard kick to give the Raiders the early 3-0 lead. The Jets had an even deeper drive but the Oakland defense kept them out of the endzone and we had a 3-3 game right off the bat.

After Oakland’s offense stalled on their second series of the game, the Jets took their second possession all the way inside the redzone and a critical play occurred on 2nd and 5 on the 9 yard line. It appeared that the Raiders defense came up with a huge eleven yard sack to get the Jets all the way back to the twenty, but a controversial roughing the passer penalty was called and the Jets got first and goal and scored. In a game that turned out as one sided as this, its hard to call this a “Turning Point”, but the Raiders truly did not recover after that call and a total collapse ensued.

The Jets added a field goal with just seconds left in the first half to take a 13-3 lead into the locker room, but that didn’t end their momentum. A 4 play, two minute drive to open the second half got the Jets into the endzone and their lead now stood at 20-3. Immideately after, the Raiders gained one first down, but were then faced with a 4th and 1 from their own 39 yard line. Trailing 20-3, they had no choice but to be aggressive and roll the dice, but came up short and turned the ball over. New York took advantage of the short field situation and cashed in another score to take a 27-3 lead.

How sweet is it for your team to score on two consecutive plays? Ask New York Jets fans this past weekend. Right after a 39 yard Touchdown drive on the short side of the field, the Raider offense came back out but QB Derek Carr was immideately intercepted by Cornerback Brian Poole, who returned it fifteen yards for a one play pick six. The Jets now in full control with a lead of 34-3, and that play, with 6 minutes left in the third quarter, resulted in the last points of the game.

The final nine drives of the game resulted in eight punts by both teams combined, and the Jets earned their third straight win.

Oakland’s opening drive field goal gave them their only points of the game. New York outscored them 34-0 from that point on.

The Raiders, now with a record of 6-5, are a full two games back of Kansas City for the AFC West division lead. They are currently tied with Pittsburgh for the final AFC Wild card spot. Oakland is just 1-4 on the road this season.

New York improves to a mark of 4-7, winners of three in a row, but are three games out of the last AFC Playoff spot with just five games to go in the regular season. It seems that the Jets’ 1-7 start to the year will prove to be too difficult to overcome, even with their current positive stretch of results.