The Ultimate American Football – Where it started and the journey so far

Posted by Johntathan Villanueva on March 8, 2018

American football is truly an exciting and very surprising entertainment that brings up human spirit for competition and endurance when it comes to wining from the opponent. It has been in existence since the olden days but it is few nations that had approved it as national sport. Some years ago, Greeks and Romans used it to bring up their youths as their warriors. It is also come to notice that Chinese country have been playing football for not less than 3000 years ago. But the new age football takes off from England.

The History Of American Football.

American football owes the origin of the football which is England a game to play for them because they are the earliest footballer. American started to play football since. Though the sports was been played without any rules and regulations guiding them, different schools were playing football in different style of their own, for examples this group may be using hand to get the and the other may be using legs to pass the ball to their opponent.

How it all started…

When the American Civil War ended in 1865, the American football started seeing a new beginning. This sport became so famous to different collages and high institutions and from then they brought out rules that will guide them when playing the game. Princeton gave his group rules that guide them in 1867 and is only 15 players that was permitted join the group, he gave the group a name that same year.

Princeton with his team and Rutgers which is another team but all are in the same played their first football in the year 1869. In 1873, different teams named Yale, Columbia, Rutgers and Princeton formed association called Interschool Football Association (IFA).

On the other hand, the American football saw its deal from the game style to the new style of the game that came and gazed the determinations of the Walter Camp who is the Father of sport. Walter Camp was a coach of the team called Yale and also a member of IFA.

He worked very hard to bring out the size of a football field as 110 yards; he also worked hard to reduce the number of players in all the groups from 15 to 11. He also shows them the lines that are free to all players. He brought in the system of scoring, penalties, interference, safety and the neutral zone.

The sport was forcefully despite that new rules and regulation were introduced and big number of collages had stopped playing the football in their school by the early 20th century due to severe conflict that took place and make some of the players to have injuries and even death of their players. The number of victims was much that even made the overall president Theodore Roosevelt had to raise an alarm to stop the game unless their rules and regulations were amended.

Information gathered stated that some of the schools came together on December 1905 to make changes on the rules and regulations of the sport but the association refused to listen to the authorities. This incidence made them to reduce period of the game from 70 minutes to 60 minutes, at last the changes for the rules and regulations were made by a well known football coaches by their names Eddie Cochems, Pop Warner and Knute Rockne and they introduced the skills and techniques to be used and that was characterized by the players’ physical strength

Americans enjoy football from three different areas or perspectives;

(1) Through the radio,

(2) Through the gambling rooms and

(3) Through the television.

It is a game that every child grows up with, plays it and inherited it from one generation to another.

American football is among the strongest staked sports in the entire world. It is in American history that a football is originated from their place, it makes the whole family, friends and even some relatives to come together to have a good time to cheer up especially when the football is about to take place.

It also determined one of the pleasure times your friends that likes National Football League (NFL) get to enjoy and recall the good time you shared with them especially those days in childhood, when you people watched football on television.